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S.S. November 2019



ONLINE CONSENT PORTALhttps://consent.sd62.bc.ca

Phase 1, The parent page – This is where parents login to provide and/or review consents for their children.
• When using the system for the first time, parents must use the front page to request an access number (which acts as their password).
• Parents use the verification number to gain entry. From there, they can provide consent to the 7 activities. If your student is not listed, please make sure that the email address used is the same email address your students school has on file.

1. Freshgrade (online tool)-Colwood teachers will be starting to use this tool throughout the year.
2. GAFE (Student Access to Google Apps for Education)
3. Media Release
4. KEV School Cash Online-great tool to be used to collect funds for school payments. To be rolled out throughout the year. Currently used  in Middle and High schools.
5. Short (Walking) Field Trips
6. Internet Access –

  1. Aboriginal Education Self Identification form

When do the Consents expire?
• Some consents (namely GAFE, KEV, and FreshGrade) expire once a student leaves the district and/or graduates.
• Some consents last one school year
• The system tracks the expiry of these consents. To renew a consent year to year (for Internet access, as an example) a parent simply reconnects to the system next school year.  The system will note that the consent has expired and will give parents an opportunity to renew their permission.

How do you sign up for these consents?
Step 1 – go to: https://consent.sd62.bc.ca
Step 2 – Add your email address
Step 3 –  A verification number will be sent your email address within a couple minutes. Make note of your SD62 email verification number
Step 4 – Enter the verification number
Step 5 – Click on the Consents and choose, “I do give consent”.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 250-478-2332, nkowalko@sd62.bc.ca or in person in the front office. I’m happy to assist you when I can.

Nicole Kowalko





As we get ready for another exciting year at school, it is also time to get the Hot Lunch Program up and running. We will be doing online ordering for all orders to ensure accuracy with the orders and to make the process as easy for everyone as possible.


Here’s how to get started…


  • Go to colwood.hotlunches.net
  • Click on “Click Here to Register”
  • Enter Access Code: colwood
  • Complete the rest of the registration form. (Including your email address will ensure you receive reminder emails about hot lunch order deadlines, and your child’s hot lunch order for the upcoming week)
  • Click the “Register Now” button at the bottom
  • Follow the instructions to add each child in your family who attends Colwood Elementary. Once your child(ren) are registered, click on “Orders”
  • Proceed to order hot lunch for your child(ren)



We prefer to take hot lunch order payments through PayPal (www.paypal.com). NO cash payments will be accepted at any time.


We will accept cheque payments once in September (for lunches Sept-Dec) and once in January (for lunches Jan-June). If you want to pay monthly, you will need to use PayPal. No exceptions will be made.


You can either pay with a credit card as a PayPal guest (Visa, Mastercard or Amex), or set up your own PayPal account.


The hot lunch online order system requires a small amount of setup time at the beginning as you must register each child you have attending our school prior to ordering hot lunch. Once the initial setup process is complete, your hot lunch orders for the remainder of the year should be quick and simple.


If you have questions, feel free to contact the Hot Lunch team directly at colwoodhotlunch@hotmail.com. Please note hot lunch is run by the PAC and we are all parent volunteers. If you would like to help, we would love to have you! You can come once or as many times as you’d like.


**Please Note: Should you experience any issues with your PayPal account, you must contact PayPal directly to solve the issue.


Strong Start will begin on Monday September 9th.

Hours are 8:45am-11:45am

Sept SS 2019 Calendar



2019-20 School Calendar – colour version

School Calendar 2019-20 – Final


  • Reunification Drill Training & Information for Parents/Guardians 6:15 pm           Gym


To enhance the level of emergency preparedness for all schools, the District is implementing Standard Reunification Procedures to ensure the safety and well-being of all students in the aftermath of a disaster. This process begins this month with this information and training. Colwood Elementary School will be practicing this Emergency Reunification Drill on Friday, October 12 at 1:30 pm. Parents and all authorized guardians listed on a Student Release Form that will be sent home next week are asked to participate. This will be an opportunity for families to exercise their emergency plan with the school’s emergency plan. More information will be shared on September 27


Parents and guardians please join us in the gym. Please bring your children in Kindergarten through grade 2 should they be attending the meet the teacher evening with you. Students in grades 3,4,5 who are attending the meet the teacher evening should meet Ms. Hislop and Ms. DeLeenheer on the school playing field during this training and information session.


*details outlining the drill and an emergency release form for you to complete will be sent home via email after our school training

  • Meet the Teachers in Classrooms                                                     6:30 pm – 7:00 pm


Teachers will be in their classrooms for students to introduce their parents and guardians too and to share their classroom spaces. This is not a formal meeting but a casual opportunity to say “hi”.

  • PAC Ice Cream Social                                                                         7:00 pm – 7:30 pm


Our wonderful PAC will have ice cream treats to share with all. Come spend some time connecting with other families.