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On Friday, January 12th,  Colwood School, as part of our Cultural Plan, is participating in an Elder Moon celebration. This celebration is a way for our students to understand and enjoy the spiritual and cultural activities of local First Nations People, work together in multi-age groups and participate in hands-on learning activities.

The Elder Moon is the oldest of the moon family and represents a time of teaching. During the Elder Moon, the Saanich people would gather wood pitch for torches and fires, collect shellfish, hunt for ducks and geese, make nets and ropes and finish their roughed out canoes in the longhouse. Celebrations are highlighted during the Elder Moon phase. Winter ceremonies are planned and elders tell legends to teach the children the right way to live.

Below is a list of activities that our students will be participating in on Friday. Please ensure that your child is dressed for the weather as one of our activities will take place outside.


Station 1: Paper Canoes with Eagle picture

Station 2: Raven Tale video

Station 3: Bannock Tasting and story

Station 4: Story Walk and Talking Stick

Station 5: Cookie Cutter Bird Feeder

Station 6: Elder Moon Drawings

Station 7: Cup Game, Hoop Jumping