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Dear Parents and Guardians of our Colwood Elementary Students,


I hope you are having a wonderful week and staying safe with the icy roads. This has been a strange week for me as I have been working from home as I am involved in an intensive four-day course, co-sponsored by SD 62 and the Ministry of Education. The course has been an incredible learning opportunity and the topic is Compassionate Systems Leadership. In other words, the course helps school leaders to reflect on how to create structural or systemic changes which ultimately helps students and staff thrive in environments that are rich in compassion, kindness and on-going reflective practices. It’s about leading from the heart and ensuring all parts of the system (the people, structures, and processes) have compassionate awareness. I have never been away from school/work for this long, so it feels strange as I miss the students and Colwood staff, but the learning I am doing in this course is well worth it. The school is in great hands, with Mr. Taal in the office full-time this week. I look forward to getting back on Monday and seeing the faces of our school community!

Here are some updates for the week:

Pick-ups and drop-offs (parking, icy conditions and masks)
Thank you for respecting the staff parking lot as a staff-only space. In addition, please be mindful of icy conditions as families walk around the schoolgrounds. We try and de-ice as much as we can but can’t get to every spot. Please be extra cautious driving as the parking lot is very icy in the morning – please drive slowly! We also ask that you please continue to wear masks and physically distance during pick-up and drop-off – we see how much you are doing to keep our school healthy and we appreciate it.

Pink Shirt Day – Feb. 24
Wednesday is Pink Shirt Day, so we encourage our students to please wear a pink shirt. The purpose of this day is to celebrate kindness and to stand up to bullying. For information, resources and a history of Pink Shirt Day please check out their website: https://www.pinkshirtday.ca/

White Hatter Presentation – For our Beavers and Ravens Cohorts
The White Hatter Team are a local father-son team who educate children, youth and parents about cyber safety. This year, the White Hatter Team will be presenting a virtual workshop for our Ravens and Beavers cohorts (Ms. Venables, Mr. Bendall/Mr. Parsons, and Mr. Taal/Ms. Boesche). Thank you to our PAC for supporting this presentation. The White Hatter Team also has a cyber-safety video for parents, which provides lots of information to parents about how to keep kids safe online. While it has a focus on tips for remote learning, it has some relevant information for all parents.   Feel free to view it here: (65) Preparing for the 2020-2021 School Year for Parents and Caregivers – YouTube

Foundation Skills Assessments – For Grade 4
Our grade 4 students will be involved in the Foundation Skills Assessments and will be facilitated at Colwood at the end of the month and into the beginning of March. You will have received a letter from the BC Teacher’s Federation presenting one view of the FSAs and a letter from our Superintendent, offering another view. I will email our Grade 4 parents directly and will be conducting the assessments with all grade 4 students, unless parents, case managers (for students on IEPs) or myself have excused them from the assessments. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Workshops for Parents – FREE!

1) **** Parenting Without The Power Struggles**** offered by The Boys & Girls Club – Aimed for parents of preteens ( but applicable for parents of teens), this popular 10-week program encourages parents to build on their family strengths, gain confidence in parenting an emerging teen, and discover practical ideas on how to prepare for the transition from preteen to teen. Date: Wednesday, Feb. 17th – March 14th, 12 pm -1:30 pm Via Zoom – see attached poster. Can still join for February 24th.

(2) Lunch Hour Workshop Series followed by an optional 30 minute Q&A offered by The Boys & Girls Club – see attached poster.
(3) FamilySmart Topic is Eating Disorders: Cost: Free of Charge, Date: Wednesday, February 24, 2021, at 4:00 pm ( You are welcome to join other dates and times ), Registrationwww.familysmart.ca/itk, Watch Nowhttps://youtu.be/KMvvWz89YE8 – see attached poster.

Please stay safe, healthy and enjoy some quality time with your family.


Best wishes and take care,

Jen Nixon

Message from our PAC: Please check out the Colwood PAC Facebook page or email them colwoodelementarypac@gmail.com for more information. All hot lunch, popcorn and spirit wear orders go through https://colwood.hotlunches.net/admin/?sid=&un=0   Thank you for supporting our school!