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2022 09 28 Newsletter

Effective Monday September 26th, Colwood Strong Start will be back up and running. The program will run on a drop-in basis so you will not need to pre-register your child before you arrive.

Bianca Bourbon Soares will be the facilitator. Welcome Bianca.

The new hours will be 8:40-11:40 Monday-Friday.

For more information on the Strong Start Program, please visit: https://www.sd62.bc.ca/programs-services/early-learning

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ONLINE CONSENT PORTALhttps://consent.sd62.bc.ca

Phase 1, The parent page – This is where parents log in to provide and/or review consents for their children.
• When using the system for the first time, parents must use the front page to request an access number (which acts as their password).
• Parents use the verification number to gain entry. From there, they can provide consent to the 8 activities. If your student is not listed, please make sure that the email address used is the same email address your students school has on file.

1. Health Check responsibility
2. GAFE (Student Access to Google Apps for Education)
3. Media Release
4. KEV School Cash Online-great tool to be used to collect funds for school payments. To be rolled out throughout the year. Currently used  in Middle and High schools.
5. Short (Walking) Field Trips. This is important for Royal Roads visits which occur often for our students.
6. Internet Access –
7. Aboriginal Education Self Identification form
8. Freshgrade (online tool)-Colwood teachers will be starting to use this tool throughout the year.

When do the Consents expire?
• Some consents (namely GAFE, KEV, and FreshGrade) expire once a student leaves the district and/or graduates.
• Some consents last one school year
• The system tracks the expiry of these consents. To renew a consent year to year (for Internet access, as an example) a parent simply reconnects to the system next school year.  The system will note that the consent has expired and will give parents an opportunity to renew their permission.

How do you sign up for these consents?
Step 1 – go to: https://consent.sd62.bc.ca
Step 2 – Add your email address
Step 3 –  A verification number will be sent your email address within a couple minutes. Make note of your SD62 email verification number
Step 4 – Enter the verification number
Step 5 – Click on the Consents and choose, “I do give consent”.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 250-478-2332, dlisrael@sd62.bc.ca or in person in the front office. I’m happy to assist you when I can.

Debbie Israel