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We have a wonderful collection of books that we are constantly updating including parenting resources.  Come check us out!

The Colwood Elementary Let’s Read program

This program is an easy way for students to improve their reading skills at home. Here is how it works:

·         Students read at home on their own or with an adult for at least 15 minutes
·         Record what was read on the Let’s Read sheet
·         Students bring completed sheets to the library for a reward and the next sheet.

Top Ten Reasons to participate in Let’s Read

10.  Books are awesome!
9.  Reading every day is the best way to become a better reader.
8.  Students improve organizational skills by keeping track of what they read.
7.  Students receive a prize every time they complete a Let’s Read sheet.
6.  Reading is a great activity for students to do on their own.
5.  Students receive a certificate at an assembly for 100 nights of reading.
4.  Reading is the key to doing well at school.
3.  Students receive a free book for 150  nights of reading.
2.  Students receive a Let’s Read ribbon at an assembly for 200 nights of reading.
1.  Reading is a great activity for families to do together.

Please also visit the SD62 Virtual Learning Commons