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At Colwood Elementary School we strive to provide students with several opportunitieis to take on leadership roles around the school.  Here are just a few ways that kids are making a positivie difference at Colwood

Peer Helpers – We have 6 students who have taken some training in both activity management and conflict resolution so that they can support students on the playground.  Peer helpers are on the playground on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at lunch
Office Monitors – During each recess and noon hour students from intermediate grades work in the office.  Answering the telephone, completing small jobs around the office and working with students who need help are just a few of the duties of this position
Classroom Monitors – Intermediate students work in each classroom during the eating period to support students while they eat their lunches.  The classroom monitors work in conjunction with our noon hour supervisors to ensure that the eating period is enjoyable and safe for everyone.
Recycling Monitors – Colwood continues to take an active role in recycling.  Students collect, sort and store recyclable materials on a weekly basis.

These are just a few of the many opportunities that students at Colwood have to make a positive difference at our school